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2019-2020 STEAM Legacy Grants

We are excited to announce the STEAM Legacy Grants that will fund targeted clubs, programs and projects in all 11 public schools in Sandy Springs.
Thank you to all of our 2019 STEAM Showcase sponsors for making these grants possible.
DUNWOODY SPRINGS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: After-School STEAM Club. This club will enhance student understanding of the Next Generation Science Curriculum in grades 3 through 5 via hands-on activities, guest speakers and through community involvement.
HEARDS FERRY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Step Up Your Game with STEAM. This program will fund the newest version of Hummingbird and allow students to code their robot and transfer the code directly to the motherboard.
HIGH POINT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: The Hound Bowl Math Tournament. In its 4th year, this Math Olympiad for Elementary and Middle School (MOEMS) certified math competition focused on teaching problem solving and team work skills while engaging with mathematics in authentic and real-world contexts.
ISON SPRINGS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL:  Coding Club and Fly Girls Drone Club. Coding students will work on building existing knowledge and begin to integrate Java into their work. New students will begin to learn to code using Blockly.  Drone Club students will learn about drones, including vocabulary, safety regulations, how to fly and real-life careers.
LAKE FOREST ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: After-School STEAM Club. The club will enrich the students’ understanding of the Next General Science Curriculum in grades 3 – 5 through hands-on activities, guest speakers, field trips and community involvement. The students will participate in the Atlanta Science Festival’s “Imagining the Future” program.
SPALDING DRIVE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Full STEAM Ahead. Clubs include: Drone Club, Art Club, Robotics Club and Photography Club.
WOODLAND ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: Little Bits Inventors. This program will empower tomorrow’s change makers through invention and creativity. Using the littleBits STEAM kits, students will be invited and inspired to extend beyond the lesson by turning their ideas into inventions.
RIDGEVIEW MIDDLE SCHOOL:  Music Meets Physics with BeatsMakers Lab using littleBits. Students will explore what happens when two audio tones of slightly different frequencies are played simultaneously.
SANDY SPRINGS CHARTER MIDDLE: Seaperch – Underwater Robotics Program and Drones for Good Club. SeaPerch is an innovative underwater robotics program that teaches students to build an underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV).  Students will learn engineering concepts, problem solving, design skills, and teamwork. In Drones for Good, students will build their own drone, program the drone, research about how drones can be used to solve current issues, as well as learn the rules and regulations of flying drones.
NORTH SPRINGS CHARTER HIGH SCHOOL: FTC Robotics Competition (FIRST Robotics). Teams prepare for competition where they will have a limited amount of time to design, build, program and test a robot to compete.
RIVERWOOD INTERNATIONAL CHARTER HIGH SCHOOL: MakerSpace Local Computer Network. Students will work in groups with teachers and community mentors to build and structure two system networks with two workstations each. This process will allow students to understand the fundamentals of network engineering, cyber security and system management; vital skills needed in our community and nationally.

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