Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors has extensive knowledge of Sandy Springs and its resources. Offering great insight and perspective into potential solutions to our opportunities, they represent the essential building blocks to guide SSEF in creating collaborative partnerships to address the needs of youth in Sandy Springs.

Member Position Currently affiliated with
Kathy Shapiro Chair Educational Consultant
Ross Perloe Vice Chair Financial and Insurance Advisor MyLTC, Inc.
Heather Kaufman Secretary Community Advocate
Joseph Nagel, Esq. Treasurer Attorney, Hoffman & Associates
Julia Bernath Past Chair Fulton County School Board
Carolyn Axt Board Emeritus Community Advocate
Yalanda Bell Board Member Executive Director of Career and Technical Education, Fulton County School System
Jim Berger Board Member Community Advocate
Tim Bonenberger, CPA Board Member Wood Residential Services
Charles Crosby Board Member President, CORE Project Management, LLC
Jeannie Diluzio Board Member Community Advocate
Christine E. Heller Board Member Editorial, Project & Resource Management
National Council of Jewish Women, Atlanta
Patrice Dawkins Jackson Board Member Educator, Fulton County Schools
Sandra F. Jewell, PhD Board Member Retired College Professor and Organization Design Consultant
Ken Kraft Board Member Vice President, Marketing - Cox Communications
Brooke Perez Board Member Performance Consultant, Southern Company Services
Ed Steele Board Member IT Project Manager, Ebix Corporation
DeeAnn Weprinsky Board Member Community Advocate
Christine Young Board Member Retired FCS Principal

SSEF Board of Directors
SSEF Board of Directors
SSEF Board of Directors
SSEF Board of Directors
SSEF Board of Directors
SSEF Board of Directors