Program Feedback

“It has been an amazing honor to spend time with my “Buddy,” Ashley, reading together. Actually when she smiles (which she does often) that is all it takes to make me glad to be with her. I sometimes forget that I am supposed to be encouraging her to enjoy reading, when she is really encouraging me to enjoy life and the time we share reading.”
~ Alice Nelson, Reading Buddy

“There is truly nothing like SSEF!!”
~ Ken Zeff, Interim Superintendent, Fulton County Schools

“Thank you all for so much you do. The difference you make in our students’ lives is tangible.”
~ Tiffany Waller, STEAM Coordinator, Spalding Drive Elementary

“Thank you SSEF for supporting Riverwood students and for enabling teachers to bring opportunities to our students that would not be possible without you!”
~ Mary Schmidt, ESOL Department Chair​, Riverwood International Charter School

Thank you so much for inviting the Spalding Show Choir to perform at the SSEF Movie Event. I think it is beneficial for the Show Choir to perform in the community. The arts are a valuable part of a Sandy Springs education and audiences experience this through the eyes and voices of our students. I know the Show Choir had fun performing for this event and will remember the evening. I appreciate your kind words and hope the Show Choir can perform for more of your functions in the future. Have a wonderful summer!
~ Mary Ann Badovinac

“Lunch with a Leader” Participants – Ridgeview Charter School

6th Graders
“I learned to get an education. Thank you for helping us.” – Anis
“I’ve learned to never give up on what you believe in. You should be successful.” – Randy
“If you feel like dropping out, don’t. Just keep on trying so you can have a degree.” – Chris
“I learned that it can be hard to go to college, but I want to go to college.” – Alex
“I learned that if you make a mistake you can learn from it.” – Jonathan
“I learned to trust people and not do drugs.” – Chris

7th Graders
“That you have to know what you want to be so you can have good plans.” – Uriel
“I learned to be passionate about my career.” – Osbaldo
“It’s important to stay in school if you want to have a good future.” – Reyna
“I’ve learned that we need to think of tomorrow. That I have to choose my friends that are going to be good to me and that will help me.” – Uriel
“I learn that you have to work hard for what you want in life.” – Jose
“If you finish high school, you can be anything you want.” – Eric

8th Graders
“I have learned that people who drop out they get nowhere.” – Jose
“I learned that even though you’re and immigrant you can still be something in life! No matter what!” – Blanca
“I learn to never give up and keep on going to graduate and get college.” – Luis
“I want to go to college, graduate from college, and become a soccer player. I learned that in order to be successful you need to finish your education.” – Oscar
“I learned that most Hispanic people drop out of school and I don’t want to be one of them.” – Brian
“I learned that the things or choices I make, whether they are good or bad will affect my future. I’m really glad I learned this.” – Jennifer
“The thing I learned is that I need to be someone in life, to dream, be good, and be part of life.” – Kenia

After-School All-Stars

Dear All Stars, I would like to take this time to thank the program for the astonishing work ethic it has instilled in my son. He was able to gain great oratory techniques in both writing and speech. I not only saw improvements in my son but in other students. To see them be so passionate about what they’re doing, whether it is science experiments, karate, step team, or poetry, it is evident that they had a great time. Thank you for providing an after school program that enriches our children to the fullest – while having fun. Please continue the great work. It is programs like this that keep our community growing.
~ The Osborne Family

Sandy Springs Education Force: This afterschool program has had such a life-changing effect on my son. Initially, he was not motivated to attend & I really didn’t force the issue. Over the course of time, he does not want to miss a session since his first encounter with Mr. Thompson. It’s like my child was wandering around in the dark until Mr. Thompson “turned on” the Robotics’ light and that was it! Mr. Thompson has instilled in my son a sense of security that has definitely put him on the track to attending Ga. Tech. and wanting to be a robotics engineer. As a mother and an educator, I am just proud to see the positive change in his attitude and about his future. My son will be attending the robotics camp this summer. Please continue making a difference in all kid’s lives!! Again, thank you for the dedication.
~ Ingrid Troup

After School All Stars has really enriched my son’s life. Thanks so much for your passion for children, your patience with them and all the hard work you continually do.
~ Karen and Derek Hughes, proud parents of Joshua Williams

I enjoyed the All Stars program. My daughter gets to lean new and exciting things. She gets to cook and learn how to make jewelry. She really enjoyed the program and so did I. It’s really informative and enriching the children.. I wish this program continued success.
~ Mrs. Bosley

To Whom It May Concern: I would like for you to know how thankful I am for the After School All Stars program. Middle school is such crucial time in children’s lives. My daughter has had her mind opened by being involved with programs such as dance, poetry, and song to name a few. My daughter was encouraged to raise her grades after missing a field trip that only students with good grades could attend. Keep up the good work!
If it wasn’t for this program my child wouldn’t have assistance with his academics, and encouragement. He is exposed to extracurricular activities that I couldn’t afford otherwise, being the single parent of two children. This program is an A+ resource to my family, one of a kind.
~ Juan and Celia Lopez

As a teacher in the All Stars After-School program I feel it is of great benefit to our students. I get the opportunity to work one to one with students that are struggling. The enrichment hour provides a beautiful opportunity to students to engage in activities and topics of their own interest and at the end of the day they come away with a positive experience.
~ Lydia Harrison – Teacher SS Middle School

The Sandy Springs Education Force’s After School All Stars program fills a vital role in Sandy Springs.  Providing academic and enrichment activities for at risk youth who are residents of Sandy Springs increases test scores of students and potentially reduces crime.  Sandy Springs Education Force’s work in our community is to be applauded.
~ John F. McDonough, Sandy Springs City Manager

Good morning Ms. Lane,

I don’t know if you get enough thank-you’s or how often; but I just wanted to commend you on the great job that you do with the After School All Stars.  My son, Joshua, loves the program!  Just know that all the hard work, dedication, professionalism, and heart for the children that you and your staff really put into the program shows and shines so bright –“truly the best and first class for our children.”

Thanks for all you do (and your wonderful staff)!
~ Karen M., Parent

Thank you for ALL you’re doing to support our schools.  We really appreciate SSEF.
~ Ivy Gainey Freeman, Principal, Dunwoody Springs Charter Elementary School