Sharing Our Mission

Mission ConsultingWould you like to learn how to have an Education Force in your community to support your public school students? SSEF can help! Since 2008, SSEF has worked to create a unique educational collaborative – bringing city government, the county school system, school administrators, nonprofits, and community businesses together to improve the academic success of our most at-risk students and foster world-class public schools in our city.

As the leading education nonprofit in Sandy Springs, SSEF‘s founding board members and administrative staff have developed proven strategies that build a strong internal organization while focusing on education and enrichment program impact.

SSEF can help you work on all aspects of your organization’s development:

  • Advise you about how to start a nonprofit
  • Guide you in how to develop an effective board of trustees
  • Aid you in how to create and leverage meaningful community and school partners
  • Help you learn how to create community awareness and support
  • Counsel you on program determination, implementation and evaluation
  • Help you determine when, who and how to hire administrative staff
  • Consult with you to understand your funding capabilities and resources

We have a knowledgeable consulting team with first-hand experience in building capacity in schools using our proprietary collaborative approach. Call or email us to meet our team and see if we can help you mobilize your community to create a powerful force in education!

(Consulting fees available upon request)

Contact – Ava S. Wilensky, PhD
404-664-3930  |  contact form