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Adhesive Tabs (pack)
Binder 3-ring White .5 inch
Binder 3-ring White 1 inch
Binder 3-ring 1.5 inch
Binders 3-ring White 2 inch
Binder 3-ring 3 inch
Books - beginner to young adult (specify below)
Colored Pencils 12 count (pack)
Composition Notebook College Ruled
Composition Notebooks Black and White wide ruled
Composition Style Journal Kindergarten Primary
Construction Paper (pack)
Crayons - jumbo (box)
Crayons - 16 count (box)
Crayons - 24 count (box)
Crayons - 36 count (box)
Dividers 5 tab (pack)
Dividers with pockets 5 tab (pack)
Dry Erase Board
Dry Erase Markers (singles)
Erasers Pencil Top 12 count (pack)
Erasers Pink (pack)
Flash Drive
Folder Poly Plastic with Pockets assorted solid colors
Folder with Pockets and BRADS assorted solid colors
Folder with Pockets and HOLES
Glue Sticks (singles)
Glue White (bottle)
Graph Paper (pack)
Highlighters (singles)
Index Cards 3x5 ruled (pack)
Index Cards 4x6 (pack)
Index Cards 4x6 color (pack)
Index Cards 3x5 unlined (pack)
Manila File Folder 24 ct (pack)
Markers Washable - 8 count (pack)
Markers Washable - 12 count (pack)
Modeling Clay
Notebook Paper college ruled - Loose leaf (pack)
Notebook Paper wide ruled - Loose leaf (pack)
Pencil Box Plastic
Pencil Pouch
Pencil Pouch (with 3 holes)
Pencils Mechanical
Pencil Sharpener (pack)
Pencils No. 2 – 12 count (pack)
Pencils Primary (pack)
Pens Black (singles)
Pens Blue (singles)
Pens Red (singles)
Ruler (cm – inches)
Scissors Fiskars for Kids blunt tip (pair)
Scissors Fiskars for Kids pointed tip (pair)
Spiral Notebook college ruled
Spiral Notebook wide ruled
Sticky Notes (pack)
Watercolor Paints (set)
- need 2 - 1” binders and 3 - 2” binders
- only need binders if they are red
- only need books for girls

Community Assistance Center

Sandy Springs and Dunwoody
school teachers only

Supplies are available for your classroom students who qualify as low income students (those on Free and/or Reduced Lunch). Supplies are limited to the number of economically disadvantaged students that you have in your classroom. If you are unable to verify/identify students who receive free and/or reduced lunch, please contact your school counselor who can provide you with that information.

Your request form will be emailed directly to the Community Assistance Center (CAC). You will be notified when your order is ready to be picked up at the CAC located at:

1130 Hightower Trail
Atlanta, GA 30350
(770) 552-4015

If you do not get a response that your order has been fulfilled within one week, please call 770-552-4889 x 253 and email again to Sometimes our spam filters can interfere with communications.

If you do not pick up your school supplies with 10 business days of notification that your order is fulfilled, supplies will be restocked.

For questions or to donate school supplies, please contact:

Liza Ulrich
Assistance and School Supply Coordinator
(770) 552-4889 ext. 253

Irene Schweiger
(404) 431-7985