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SSEF STEAM Showcase Provides Hands-On and Virtual Experiences

SSEF STEAM SHOWCASEHave you always wanted to build and interact with virtual circuit boards? Do you enjoy finding clues, solving puzzles and cracking codes? Does it sound exciting to learn to build machines that emulate human activity? Our STEAM Showcase, March 15th, from 6-8 pm at North Springs Charter High School, provides these opportunities and much, much more!

The Georgia Tech Research Institute will provide five unique exhibits to simultaneously teach and entertain participants.

What’s your subcellular makeup?

Visitors can find out what they’re made of with the Microscopy exhibit. They will observe their own cells under a microscope while learning what makes such technology possible. Participants will have a chance to observe their own, personal subcellular makeup.

How can we use renewable energy generation in our every day life?

Using a prototype of a piezoelectric enabled flooring system, energy is produced for sensors. The sensors transmit data that can distinguish between a human footstep and a fall. This exhibit includes an interactive, lighted display to demonstrate how walking on the floor creates energy.

 Can you pour a fluid uphill?

Participants will create their own slimes and polymers in this gravity-defying exhibit. While learning about the properties of polymers and Newtonian fluids, they will adjust their handcrafted slime and test it out on different surfaces.

Have you always wanted to be an engineer?

At the Nerdy Derby, participants can build miniature race cars out of Legos and test their engineering prowess. After racing, they can make adjustments to push their car further and further down the roller coaster track. Good engineers take into account weight placement, weight levels and aerodynamics, and the Nerdy Derby is no exception.

Why do figure skaters tuck their arms in?

In the momentum exhibit, stand on a large spinning turntable and vary your rotational speed just by extending and retracting your arms, much like a figure skater performing a tight spin on the ice. By holding a spinning bicycle wheel, you can investigate the concept of precession by tilting the wheel and rotating on the turntable.

Sponsors of our STEAM Showcase, which is free and open to the public from 6-8 pm on March 15th at North Springs Charter High School, make it possible for Sandy Springs Education Force to support  grants to our 11 public schools in the city. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from over 40 interactive exhibits from business, education, community and government leaders. Our 7th Annual STEAM Showcase promises to be the best one, yet! Download a printable flier HERE. Visit the event’s Facebook page for more details.


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