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Dunwoody Springs Solar Club Participants Demonstrate Teamwork and Learn About Solar Energy

New challenges, teamwork and demonstrating love for the earth while aspiring to learn how to conserve resources. It’s a typical afternoon at the Dunwoody Springs Elementary School’s after-school Solar Club!

The club, supported by an SSEF STEAM Legacy Grant, filled to overflow capacity and added a second session to accommodate the interested students. This semester, 19 excited boys and girls are busy assembling solar powered robots.

Students at Dunwoody Springs study the sun and its ability to impact their lives in new and exciting ways. They construct different objects using the “OWI Solar Kits.” These kits enable students to construct over 20 different objects that run on solar power.

What do students like best about the club? One commented, “What I like about solar club is we always do building and use a lot of teamwork.” Madison said, “One thing I like about solar club is learning new stuff every Thursday.” Another suggested it was the “new challenges” that keep her coming back. Taking home the robot they build is a great incentive to work hard to put together the pieces to make it run. Tahje was excited that he “got to finish his head today!”

Proving young people appreciate studying science to help improve our world, Johnny exclaimed, “I love Solar Club because I love the earth and I love conserving also. I love the sun and I love challenges.”

Cooperation, patience and friendship have all been highlights at club meetings.

Sponsors of our STEAM Showcase help make it possible for Sandy Springs Education Force to support this and other grants to our 11 public schools in the city. Would you like to contribute to help us support programs like this? Donate today HERE.



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