STEAM Grants

STEAM Legacy Grant Results

Please enjoy THIS video illustrating how students at several of our SSEF STEAM Legacy Grant programs are benefitting from these extraordinary learning opportunities they would not otherwise experience. Please click below for more details about the grant activities and to view individual videos from five schools. Thank you to our STEAM […]

Sandy Springs Education Force Supports Award-Winning North Springs High School Robotics Team

Do you know: How to make a servo go from continuous rotation mode to standard mode and vice-versa? How to use a timing belt and pulley system? How to make/use a mecanum drive train? How to properly mesh gears together, especially bevel gears? How to make/rig a linear slide? How […]

Sandy Springs Education Force Supports Free STEAM Clubs at Spalding Drive Elementary School

What offers the chance to learn new things, the ability to experience a field that may relate to a STEM career path and the opportunity to see students’ faces light up and engage enthusiastically with new experiences? That would describe the Sandy Springs Education Force supported after-school STEAM clubs at […]

Sandy Springs Education Force Sponsors Second Annual Hound Bowl

Sandy Springs public school students must really enjoy math, as 60 pupils in grades 4, 5 and 6 volunteered to spend a Saturday competing in the High Point Elementary School’s Second Annual Hound Bowl Math Tournament. The event, sponsored by Sandy Springs Education Force (SSEF), was free for all participating […]

North Springs High School Opens Music Studio

Not long ago, talented North Springs Charter High School artists relied on outside — often expensive — resources to produce audition materials to apply to prestigious music programs and career opportunities. Today, they create these materials in school and prepare for music industry careers, both in performance and production. A […]